Resilience in times of change: TOPSIM and the “New Normal”

Dear TOPSIM – users and friends,

the outbreak of coronavirus in 2020 came unexpectedly for all of us. During these uncertain times, we made every effort to keep on working hard in new and changing conditions to support you, our customers, with our products, our knowledge, and our services.

Breaking new ground in such extraordinary situations requires innovative solutions and concepts. This challenge enabled us to push boundaries and get rid of many boxes. We constantly strive to use all available resources and the know-how of the entire TOPSIM team and network to create and implement outstanding solutions for our clients.

To add further value to our portfolio, TOPSIM will be working closer with MPS Interactive Systems (especially MPS Europa AG in Switzerland) in the future. In doing so, we supplement our service offering with modern learning, testing and certification tools and technology, as well as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications. For example, the eTesting-Platform “Cybertest” can be used for TOPSIM – Business Simulation courses to review learning success and provide on demand assessment.

Our team has changed as well: we warmly welcome Mr. Christian Mutzner (LinkedIn) as new CEO of TOPSIM. Since February 2020, Christian Mutzner has been operating as COO of MPS in Europe, and has been assigned with the strategic management and operative development of TOPSIM. Furthermore, Mr. Stefan Prebil (LinkedIn) as Head of Sales of MPS in Europe and Mr. Attila Varga (LinkedIn) as Chief Technology Officer of MPS in Europe will support our team to make our products even more efficient and successful.

Get to know our new TOPSIM – Business Simulations!

Despite difficult circumstances, we are proud to announce the release of our new products: The single-player simulation TOPSIM on Demand – Business Challenge, which enables participants to play in a personal learning environment (self-paced and asynchronized), and expand professional knowledge “on demand”.

TOPSIM – Scale Up, our new strategic simulation, puts participants in charge of an e-scooter company where they must not only manage but scale up their business and manage a digital transformation initiative in a VUCA- (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) environment.

Because the world as we know it is changing, we must do the same. It is the “New Normal” that motivates us even more to give our very best, and we thrive to deliver innovative and impactful learning solutions.

We are proud to be a part of the MPS family and are looking forward to a successful future with you – our customers!