Online Education at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences

Especially in times of the Corona crisis, many universities have to switch to online learning and adapt their learning programs to the new reality. The Kiel University of Applied Sciences already has a lot of experience in distance learning due to online bachelor’s degrees since 2011. In this article, Prof. Dr. Gordon Eckardt shows how online education works and how business simulations can be integrated in online teaching.

4 Soft Skills developed with Management Simulations

In addition to professional know-how, soft skills play an increasingly important role in job search and professional life. But how can you improve them? Through the combination of subject-specific, methodological and social challenges, business simulations offer a holistic learning experience in which the participants train both hard and soft skills.

Seminar Design: Various Application Possibilities with Business Simulations

With management simulations, different seminar concepts can be implemented and flexibly adapted to specific audiences and across learning objectives. In addition to classic classroom lectures, a management simulation can also be used during the semester as a capstone or in an online format with our TOPSIM – Cloud platform. Taking TOPSIM – General Management as an example, we present 3 possible course designs with TOPSIM – Business simulations.

Strategic Company Management with TOPSIM – General Management

Companies are systems with complex structures and a wide range of roles. To be successful, decision-makers must understand the context and situation within the company and how various internal and external factors interact. Our most popular business simulation TOPSIM – General Management illustrates these challenges and improves participants‘ ability to evaluate business data as well as select and implement strategies to achieve targets.