Anveshan: HR Business Symposium with TOPSIM – People Management

The Indian National Level HR Business Symposium Anveshan is organized every year by HRiday – the HR Club of Goa Institute of Management. An integral part of the event is the Margdarshan contest, in which several teams face typical real life HR dilemmas in the management simulation TOPSIM – People Management. In this article, we have summarized the most important details about this customer project.

Developing a Holistic Corporate Strategy with TOPSIM – Production & Services

The successful management of a company requires a good understanding of internal connections and the correlation of various influencing factors. In the business simulation TOPSIM – Production & Services, participants manage a medium-sized company and experience the typical challenges of the service and production market. In this article, we show you what is special about the business simulation and how you can use TOPSIM – Production & Services.