What are Serious Games?

Gamified approaches to learning have become a new trend and are finding their way more and more into modern education and on-the-job training. However, educational games are not a new method – they have been around for some time. The American scientist Clark C. Abt introduced the concept of serious games in 1970 in his book under the same title.1

Getting to know medium-sized businesses with TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management

Small and medium-sized business are the backbone of our economy, as they account for a significant share of the EU’s export success. But the so-called SMEs are increasingly confronted with rising commodity prices and labour costs as well as increasing competition from low-wage countries. Innovative strength and the most advanced technologies are required to remain competitive. The competitive management simulation TOPSIM – Manufacturing Management brings players face to face with the challenges of a medium-sized business on the international market.

Online Education at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences

Especially in times of the Corona crisis, many universities have to switch to online learning and adapt their learning programs to the new reality. The Kiel University of Applied Sciences already has a lot of experience in distance learning due to online bachelor’s degrees since 2011. In this article, Prof. Dr. Gordon Eckardt shows how online education works and how business simulations can be integrated in online teaching.