Business Simulations in Practice: Offline-Version of TOPSIM – General Management in Online-Seminar at DHBW Ravensburg

The cancelling of attendance events due to the Corona crisis has also affected the DHBW Ravensburg. For the planned seminar with the offline-version of the business simulation TOPSIM – General Management, an online solution had to be found at short notice. In this blog article we present the online seminar concept with alfaview® that Dr. Manfred Schertler-Rock has developed for this situation.

Single-player Business simulations

In a business simulation, participants take on the role of management and make operational and strategic management decisions for their fictional company. In our single-player mode, participants do not play against each other in teams as usual, but against predefined computer competitors. In this article, we present how such simulations work and how you can use them in your educational program or training.

TOPSIM – General Management: A Success Story

Since 1991, participants of the business simulation TOPSIM – General Management have been leading their own company to success in the printer and copier industry. The classic business simulation has been continuously developed over the years and adapted to the current market situation.

Today TOPSIM – General Management is our most played management simulation and we took this as an opportunity to take a closer look at the product and its history.