Debriefing: 6 Phases of Reflection

In a simulation-based seminar participants are confronted with a variety with new experiences. By running through several simulation periods, making strategic management decisions and competing with other teams they expand their knowledge and improve skills such as teamwork and communication within the group. To ensure that the participants can process the experiences, thorough reflection phases after group tasks are particularly important. We have prepared 6 questions for you to ask your participants during the debriefing.

Boost the Power of your talent: Organizational Development with TOPSIM – Business Simulations

With our TOPSIM – Business Simulations you can address the central competences in the digital age. During the simulation, the participants learn how to think strategically, analyze complex facts and figures and make decisions within the team. What is special about TOPSIM – Business Simulations? In this post we will show you how you can develop you organization with our simulations.

Single-player Business simulations

In a business simulation, participants take on the role of management and make operational and strategic management decisions for their fictional company. In our single-player mode, participants do not play against each other in teams as usual, but against predefined computer competitors. In this article, we present how such simulations work and how you can use them in your educational program or training.